Get Listed in Standard & Poor’s Corporation Records

A nationally recognized securities manual typically refers to a publication that provides comprehensive information about publicly traded securities and companies. These manuals are often used by financial professionals, investors, and researchers to gather information about companies’ financial health, historical performance, and other relevant data. They are especially useful for conducting fundamental analysis on companies and making informed investment decisions.

One well-known example of a nationally recognized securities manual is the “Standard & Poor’s Corporation Records,” commonly referred to as the S&P Stock Guide. This publication provides detailed information about thousands of publicly traded companies, including financial statements, historical stock prices, dividend records, earnings estimates, and other relevant data. It’s widely used by investors and analysts to research and evaluate companies’ performance and prospects.

Another example is the “Mergent Manual,” published by Mergent, Inc. This manual provides information on both U.S. and international publicly traded companies, including historical financial data, business descriptions, executive biographies, and more.

Please note that the availability and specifics of these manuals might change over time, so I recommend checking with reputable financial data providers to get the most up-to-date information on nationally recognized securities manuals.

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